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Sidebar Issues Resolved. Hopefully? Please?

I worked hard into the evening last night to try and resolve the Firefox browser issues that have prevented me from completing my setup for the regular season here at DRB. Using a Firefox browser and IE browser myself, I was able to see the font colors and background colors in all of my tables as they should be after I made the needed changes, and the functionality of the html was verified by another Firefox user as well.

As such, all the sidebar tables should appear right now as they should be in their final form. If you are having any problems viewing anything in any of the tables in the 'Upcoming Games', 'Last Game', 'Standings', or 'Minor Leagues' block, please tell me, because all of them should be appearing fine in every browser. I have toned down the color a bit in my re-design, so as not to overload on the flashy stuff, but while still maintaining some for aesthetic benefit.

It is my hope that the new tables and re-designed boxes will enable all DRB users to get the quickest access possible to the essential information. If at any point you encounter a problem viewing a DRB feature, please contact me. But as far as this particular issue goes, it should be squared away. I'd like to thank all of you for your patience with this process, and I hope that the end result is to your respective benefits. I am not done with the sidebar, but I am done with the boxes.

The removal of this task from my "to do" list was the lifting of a major weight off my back. Having these templates available will make my job so much easier for the upcoming season, while hopefully providing more streamlined access to information. I will start incorporating my planned templates for game threads/reports using the sidebar graphics, and setting up a format for this season. I will do that starting for tonight's game. The hardest one to do is always the first, afterwards doing this is easy and really just a matter of plugging numbers into tables. I think that this setup will benefit me and you alike.

As for future additions, I am pleased to announce that we will be adding a Rotoworld iframe to the sidebar, possibly later this week that will allow DRB readers to view the latest Rotoworld Player News on Rays players in a scroll box on the left side of the site. Rotoworld is an extremely valuable resource for myself and legions of other baseball fans, and I am pleased to offer all of you the opportunity to share in their excellent content right here at DRB. Other upgrades to the site will be added later at some point, however I really have to complete my scouting look at other sites to choose features for the future. It is my hope that the new additions, both on the sidebar, as well as some future article series', will enhance your DRB viewing experience.

As for pushing some older 'to dos' under the rug, the DRB Top 30 Prospects list will run in its entire form without me half-assing it. I plan to work on it some this afternoon and get installments posted this week. I cannot really give you a timetable on it, however one installment more is almost complete and will be posted today or tomorrow. Hopefully I will get the other three done by the weekend, however realistically it may stretch into next week.

I'd like to thank all of you for your cooperation with regards to the sidebar issues, it is my hope that these and future upgrades will enhance your DRaysBay viewing experience, and if you have any suggestions for content or a design aspect that you would like to see me undertake, feel free to drop me a line at my personal e-mail, or leave a comment in this thread. My proverbial office door is always open to suggestions.

Again, I think I took care of the Firefox viewing problem. If I did not, please inform me as to that, but hopefully I can put this behind me. Thanks again for all of your cooperation.

Patrick L. Kennedy, DRaysBay Senior Editor