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Just Fell Shy

Rays 5
Yankees 9

W: Vizcaino
L: Stokes

Well, it was a valiant effort out of the young Rays team today, Kazmir wasn't at all economical with his pitches (35 in the first inning, 107 through 5) though he allowed five earned runs and played no part in the box score.

Elijah Dukes walked his first time up, then hit a mammoth blast to CF in his second at bat, beginning a 4th inning that saw the core of the Rays produce runs; Dukes, Upton, Crawford, Baldelli, and Young all had either a RBI or scored a run.

Baldelli, after a scare from cramps returned to the game, stole a base, and scored a run from second in that 4th.

Hands down it was Elijah Dukes who stole the show, a walk, a homerun, a deep fly out to the warning track, and a strikeout against Mariano Rivera, Dukes looked impressive in every aspect and even got an outfield assist. I think it's safe to say Dukes may be playing the OF while Rocco DHs for longer than possibly intended.