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4/21/07 Indians @ Rays

Lineups courtesy of Lancaster:

Sizemore CF
Dellucci LF
Hafner DH
Martinez 1B
Nixon RF
Peralta SS
Shoppach C
Barfield 2B
Marte 3B
Byrd P

Baldelli CF
Dukes DH
Crawford LF
Wigginton 1B
Young RF
Iwamura 3B
Upton 2B
Zobrist SS
Paul C
Seo P

Marc is suffering from a flu apparently, we wish him a quick delivery, he also gives us the news that it wouldn't shock him to see Akinori Iwamura or B.J. Upton batting 2nd soon, I'm rooting for Upton.

The winner will likely be the team who gets the better performance out of their starter, okay that's redudant, it really does center on which Jae Seo we see, the one who got blown up versus the Rangers, or the version that pitched quite well against the Twins last Sunday.