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Judgment Day For Cantu

Well today is the day that Jorge Cantu must report to AAA Durham or else be called 'AWOL'. It's believed he will indeed lower his head and grind a few weeks in the minors out hoping to earn his way back into the big leagues, not just the Rays.

If Cantu can get off to a hot start perhaps the team could flip him to the Brewers where Jose Capellan has asked for a trade, or perhaps Minnesota would flip a reliever for Jorge if Luis Castillo, Jeff Cirillo, and Nick Punto aren't getting the job done at 3B/2B. That or of course Brad Lidge could continue to lower his value by blowing saves in Houston.

Update [2007-4-3 20:55:16 by R.J. Anderson]:It looks like Cantu will indeed report, that according to Marc Topkin.