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Game Thread 04/04/07; RAYS at New York

RH Jae Seo v. LH Andy Pettite

1:05 FSN Florida



  1. LF Carl Crawford

  2. SS Ben Zobrist

  3. DH Rocco Baldelli

  4. 1B Ty Wigginton

  5. RF Delmon Young

  6. 3B Akinori Iwamura

  7. CF Elijah Dukes

  8. 2B B.J. Upton

  9. C  Dioner Navarro

  1. CF Johnny Damon

  2. SS Derek Jeter

  3. RF Bobby Abreu

  4. 3B Alex Rodriguez

  5. DH Jason Giambi

  6. LF Hideki Matsui

  7. C Jorge Posada

  8. 2B Robinson Cano

  9. 1B Josh Phelps
After falling just shy Monday, the Rays will attempt to win their first game of the season against Andy Pettite. The x-factor is Jae Seo, if he can benefit from an improved defense, and run support, two things he didn't have last year, we could looking at a sleeper for 10 wins. I'm of course hoping this becomes the case considering I predicted he'd post a sub 4 ERA this season.

Pettite is making his first start since re-joining the Yankees this past off-season. It provides some interesting matchups against Rays left handed hitters, including Crawford and Iwamura, hopefully the Rays can sting early and often, and also holding onto a (hopeful) lead would help the cause.