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Cold Pitchers or Signs of Good Things to come?

185, 151, 6 & 3, 0, 3, 3-1, 2, 38 Degrees and 8.1

What's the significance of these numbers? Well, only positives in my mind.

  • In Thursday's game against the Yankees, Rays hitters seen 185 total pitches from Yankees pitchers. Tons of pitches, as seen from Andy Pettitte's early departure, equals early calls to the bullpen. Tons of pitches also increase the likliehood of "mistake" pitches being throw.
  • In Thursday's game, Rays pitchers combined to throw only 151 pitches. Most of the time, our pitchers are known for throwing way too many pitches. 151 pitches is a lot, but 99 coming from Seo alone and the 52 were thrown by 3 relievers(average of 17.3 pitches per pitcher).
  • 6 walks were drawn by Rays hitters, 3 by Yankees hitters. For a team full of swing-happy youngsters to draw 6 walks and a team full of patient, cautious hitters is interesting. Maddon should be smiling, but I think that he should set a season goal of total walks drawn and reward the team at the end of the season if they reach it. Keep instilling plate discipline in their heads, I don't want to see 89-pitch complete games thrown by opposing pitchers(Roy Halladay) again. I want to see 6+ pitch(I seen at least 10-12 last night) at-bats and a good majority of them turning into walks.
  • 0 errors for the Rays in 2 games thus far. 0 errors by newly positioned 2B BJ Upton. 3 errors for the Yankees last night, 3 errors for Derek Jeter for the Year. Solid fielding keeps us in games, speed causes opposing teams to make bad/late throws.
  • 3-1 counts in the past usually meant walks or Strikeouts for Upton in the past. Yesterday, Upton swung and smacked an infield single. Aggressiveness at the plate, calmness in the field? Is this a new Melvin Upton Jr.?
  • Elijah Dukes HR Season Total: 2, which makes him the first Devil Rays hitter in team history to smack a HR in his 1st 2 games.
  • Last night's temperature: 38 Degrees Fahrenheit. Probably the coldest game that at least half of our players have ever played in in their lives.
  • Yankees starters pitched for a combined 8.1 innings in the 2 game series. Good to see another team's starters being yanked before they're eligible for a decision.