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Jake's Take: HOW DARE YOU!!!

As noted before, Cantu wants to be traded because he doesn't "feel" like he's deserving of his demotion. I think that we can go on-and-on about if he should've gotten the axe or not, but that's not the point of my post.

In the last 2 days, I've heard other unproven youngsters demand trades.

Jose Capellan wants out of Milwaukee, erm Nashville, and James Loney wants out of LA...I mean Vegas.

Now, I wouldn't mind myself if we managed to trade Cantu for either one of those players. We don't really have a "franchise" 1B in our organization, which Loney could be, and we would be downright dumb to pass on any kind of pitcher with upside for a 2B who can't field(Milwaukee fans should be used to it, seeing as Weeks really isn't "cutting" it).

My problem is with youngsters demanding trades without really proving themselves to be worthy of that demand. Cantu had a good season, but looking deeper(at his OBP and walk totals) at his 2005 stats, it wasn't really that good. It was lucky and reeks of "fluke". Last night's triple by Cantu wasn't proof of his speed, it was due to luck and possible animal sacrificing(thanks RJ!)

Loney will never win, seeing as Ned Colletti prefers veterans at all starting spots. How else can you explain why Billingsley is pitching out of the bullpen? Loney plays 1B, as does Nomar. Loney can play some OF, but he's never going to be good enough to take the place of Jason Repko or Larry Bigbie.

Jose Capellan, I didn't understand the demotion myself. In my mind, he must've walked 1 too many hitters(a problem that's plagued him) for Maddux and Yost's liking. However, you don't whine and moan for a trade when your major league track record isn't worthy of a "what the hell are they doing?" comment by opposing GMs.

Just go to the minors, put up monster numbers and hope for an injury or a good trade offer to set you free. However, you're only going to offend hometown fans if you keep demanding trades.