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Firefox Browser Issues

Update [2007-4-9 19:12:44 by Patrick L. Kennedy]: Well, thanks in large part to Doug, I was able to, I think, solve our problem with the table cells in the Firefox browser not showing color. I have added background color individually for each cell, and that should do the trick. If those of you using Firefox would either confirm or deny this in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it. If it does work, but some sporadic cells are lacking color due to an HTML error on my part, please inform me as to the location of this problem so I may fix it. I do not use a Firefox browser, so I am relying on your feedback to get this issue straightened out. On a side note, I also changed the font color for the Rays to black to better represent our current color scheme, however to make it more readable, I lightened the green background. I hope this makes it easier to read, and I think it enhances the quality of the site design.

Because of the attention devoted this afternoon to the sidebars, I unfortunately will not be able to do a Game Thread this evening. I really wanted to get this issue squared away, as building templates for the season was really my No. 1 goal. If I have this issue squared away, I can really operate much better, and it is just a matter of plugging in numbers. It is so much easier once you get the kinks worked out. Again, no game thread tonight, regrettably, from me. I must retreat to do some schoolwork, however if the tables issue is settled, it is still a productive evening for me. I will be adding a Minor Leagues box to the sidebar before I go to bed tonight, but for the most part, it was curtains for sidebar tables tonight, although not for site improvements. Those will continue through the weekend.

Again, I would like to thank Doug immensely for helping me out through this problem, I really appreciate his help and it was integral in carrying this out. I would also like to apologize for any problems this caused our Firefox users in their DRB viewing experience this past week, and I want to thank you for helping me square away the problem. Thanks again to everyone, and we should be set for a great 2007 season and a similarly awesome year of coverage here at DRaysBay.

Update [2007-4-8 23:34 by Patrick L. Kennedy]: Unfortunately, it will be until tomorrow that anything is addressed due to the fact that I am having some HTML troubles right now and need to consult with our tech gurus here at SBN for info. Waging war with tags is never easy and always costly, but dammit, I am going to fight for my right to insert color into cell backgrounds for Firefox users!

To those of you that view DRaysBay on Firefox, it has been brought to my attention that there has been some issues viewing the white font in some of the boxes on the sidebar. Apparently the background color in some of the boxes is not working properly, but the text font color is, and as a result, the white text on the box is not readable against the gray background. I have personally encountered this problem on one of my home computers, and I am wondering whether other community members viewing the site on Firefox are encountering the same issues. If you could please either e-mail me affirming this problem, or comment on it in the thread below, I would greatly appreciate. I am trying to discern whether this is a browser-wide issue, or something centric to my computer. As I understand it, the sidebar boxes on Safari and Internet Explorer are working properly. So if you all could please inform me as to the extent of this problem and whether you would like the boxes removed, I would very much appreciate it.

Also, use this thread as a comment forum if you would like to offer up an opinion on the recent sidebar changes, as well as a suggestion thread for future changes, if you have any. Further, if you ever have any problem with viewing DRaysBay on your internet browser, do not hesitate to inform me at my personal email,