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It's Do Or Die Time

This isn't really intended to be a game thread, but I forgot about the early start so if Patrick feels this does the deed, then so be it.

This is judgment time for Edwin Jackson. Start number seven, you're 0-5, albeit you probably should have a win by now, but you don't, and you honestly don't deserve one looking at the full picture of you, our very wild pitcher.

28 innings, 35 hits, 22 earned runs, 18 walks, 20 strikeouts, wait what? 20 K's in 28 innings? Uh...Edwin, you're supposed to have electric stuff, so why is that you only have less than a K per inning?

If he loses today, and we have no reason to think otherwise, he'd be winless in his last 30 appearances, now some of that is bad luck, but usually talent shines through.

Look at St. Louis' Anthony Reyes, he's 0-5, a 5.03 ERA, however looking at the rest of his numbers it screams 'flukishly poor luck'. For instance, Edwin has a .302 BAA, pitiful, Reyes has a .222, not bad really.

I guess we can chalk this up to the ol' never judge a pitcher off of his W-L record, but for Edwin a win may take him in the right direction.