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Leadoff Problems

1 for his last 24, that's where Rocco Baldelli sits, there and in the leadoff position, which hasn't been much of one all year. A .042 batting average is met with a .148 on base percentage, in other words he's not reaching base 8.5 out of 10 times, and yet this is the man who is supposed to catalyst the offense?

Meanwhile B.J. Upton is hitting .345/.405 and is practically begging for a higher slot, if not higher leverage in front of Carl Crawford and Ty Wigginton, the team's main run producers. Thus far the team has seemingly wasted Crawford, Upton, and Iwamura's hot starts by placing them in situations that are difficult to succeed. Take Crawford, he's slotted in the three hole, and is expected to drive in runs, but when it seems at most there will be one runner, how do you expect Crawford to ever become a 100 RBI type? It's realistic that he may hit 30 homeruns, but only have around 80 RBIs, unacceptable for an offense that has hit a plethora of homeruns.

Speaking of that statistic, it's quite misleading; the team as a whole is hitting .251/.313 and is amongst the leaders with 44 homeruns, of those 29 have been of the solo variety. In case you were wondering, Upton leads the team with seven homeruns, placing him at the top could create an Alfonso Soriano like situation, and would allow for Iwamura to slide into the second hole upon his return, placing two high on base hitters in front of the ever blossoming Crawford, and creating a lot of havoc for the opposition.