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Looking At The Stats: Pitchers

Sure it's early, but we're 26 games in, all ready more than an eighth of the way through, so why not take a look at the team stat wise.

The Rotation

Kazmir 6 GS 38 IP 35 H 4.06 ERA 30 K 14 BB
Seo 5 GS 23 IP 43 H 9.51 ERA 12 K 8 BB
Shields 5 GS 36 IP 26 H 3.75 ERA 37 K 7 BB
Fossum 5 GS 28 IP 38 H 8.58 ERA 16 K 6 BB
Jackson 5 GS 22 IP 29 H 7.36 ERA 14 K 14 BB

Can someone tell James Shields that he's not the ace? Actually, I'd rather not, he's been Kazmir-esque ever since I made that suggestion that perhaps he'd be better fit for the pen, whoops. Though it appears his pitch selection has really gotten an overhaul and he's now able to extend past the five inning barrier that previously derailed numerous starts.

Kazmir has started off slow, though after battling through two starts with the flu, two bad pitches to the Jays, and three good starts Kazmir seems to be on the way back to his 'old' form.

Seo and Fossum, what can I say, Seo is horrible, Fossum is nearly as bad. At least Edwin has JMS, Jason Marquis' Syndrone, where he'll have a good start or two between his bombings.

The Bullpen

Ryu 8 G 13 IP 13 H 3.38 ERA 7 K 2 BB 0/0 IS/R
Glover 7 G 12 IP 15 H 7.30 ERA 5 K 6 BB 2/10 IS/R
Salas 13 G 12 IP 10 H 4.38 ERA 10 K 9 BB 3/6 IS/R
Reyes 12 G 12 IP 4 H 1.50 ERA 16 K 3 BB 1/2 IS/R
Stokes 13 G 12 IP 21 H 7.71 ERA 6 K 3 BB 3/10 IS/R
Camp 13 G 8 IP 15 H 6.48 ERA 8 K 2 BB 7/13 IS/R
Lugo 8 G 8 IP 15 H 11.88 ERA 5 K 10 BB 5/5 IS/R

Obviously Reyes is the best pitcher out of the pen, although Glover has been the best at getting inherited runners out without allowing them to score, and Stokes / Camp / Salas have become the workhorses of the pen while Lugo has been stuck in the stable.

The Brian Stokes experiment is working out like you would've hoped, and I'd still like to think that come June 1st we'll have four new pitchers in place of Fossum, Seo, Lugo, and Camp.