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Percy In Green?

The rumors that former Anaheim Angels closer Troy Percival would attempt a return not only have been validated, but it appears he may land in Tampa, at least according to the Times.

Agent Paul Cohen told the Los Angeles Times that Percival, 37, would spend two weeks working out and considering options.

The Rays might be one.

"If his arm is well, Percy, first of all, is a very top-end relief pitcher regardless if he's been out a little bit or not," Maddon said. "No. 2, Percy's really good in the bullpen because he's a mentor and he really gets involved personally, talking about the game. His preparation is spectacular. ... All the things he does in the clubhouse and the bullpen are kind of extraordinary.

Now I wouldn't be opposed to this move, although longterm it provides little assistance we would be able to dump someone like Brian Stokes or Shawn Camp if Percival were to jump on board. In 612 career innings Troy has collected 324 saves, a 3.24 ERA and a 1.105 WHIP, obviously he has plenty of experience, and hey it didn't work out too bad the last time the Rays signed a rehabbing reliever in his high 30's, did it Mr. Reyes?