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Jake's Take: Dumb Media Boycott

The thoughts and ideas brought forth in the upcoming post are those of Jacob Larsen and don't always represent the thoughts and ideas of the staff of DRays Bay. -Jake

Sometimes I think that the TB/St. Pete media is so alienating towards the Devil Rays so badly that I wouldn't blame the Rays for breaking the Tropicana lease and moving the franchise. Stu, I wouldn't blame you one bit.

If I lived in a place that bashed your every business decision, I'd either stop talking to them or start cutting down on media credentials. Hey, if they want to cover the the Yankees or the Tampa Yankees....go right ahead.

What happens when a team goes on a hot start here? They post "feel good" stories about our hitters, especially the ones that they ripped apart in previous seasons for their activities and attitudes in the minors.

What happens when the same team starts having problems and the losses pile on? They write "What I would've done..." stories that, after reading them, are repetitive and make me believe that the columnists have learning disabilities. "Why couldn't we sign Eric Gagne, Dave Riske or Octavio Dotel? The bullpen would've been so much better if we would've signed them." When in actuality, the bullpen would be the same as it is now or even possibly worse had we signed either of the 3.

What am I going to do about this? I'm going to start a boycott of 90% of the TB/St. Pete Media. Unless you're named Marc Lancaster, Carter Gaddis or Ed Encina(who I haven't heard or seen much of lately, lucky guy), I'm not going to hear, see or read your steaming loads.

I'm hoping that DRays Bay-ers join me, don't buy the Tribune or Times, don't watch the Sports reports on the news and don't listen to anything besides Scot Brantley. If you're going to read Rays-related them on the web.

Join the cause, ignore the stupidity!