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Topkin, Telling It Like It Is

The rotation is subject to change as well, though Saturday's postponement and Thursday's off day could delay any moves. Jae Seo hasn't given the Rays much reason to think he'll get better, and they seem to be ready to dump him and his $1.2-million salary (first designating him for assignment then possibly releasing him) and call up promising Triple-A prospect Andy Sonnanstine. With Jeff Niemann and Jason Hammel coming, Edwin Jackson and Casey Fossum probably shouldn't be too comfortable.

That from Marc Topkin who is echoing many fans sentiments on the rotation. We'd been thinking June for a reason beyond the now obvious arbitration / super two requirements which wouldn't be in effect come June 1st.

With last night's rainout it appears Edwin Jackson will likely take Jae Seo or Casey Fossum's start in Detroit, with Fossum perhaps slotting into Seo's start, leaving Seo without a job, and the Rays without a Friday starter, which just so happens to take place on of all days, June 1st.

I'm not going to say 'bank on it', but I'm more than 50% sure that Andrew Sonnanstine will be starting against the Royals later this week.

Seo: 50 IP 79 H 45 ER 10 HR 10 BB 26 K 8.1 ERA .366 BAA
Sonnanstine: 65 IP 50 H 17 ER 6 HR 13 BB 65 K 2.35 ERA .211 BAA

From Marc Lancaster:

CHICAGO—Absolutely gorgeous day here in the Windy City, quite a contrast from yesterday. The news of the day on the Rays’ side is the rotation shuffle, which left the following pitchers for the Detroit series: Monday: Edwin Jackson vs. Chad Durbin Tuesday: Casey Fossum vs. Jeremy Bonderman Wednesday: James Shields vs. Nate Robertson Jae Seo obviously is the odd man out there, and Joe Maddon said he’ll be available out of the bullpen. No one seems quite sure when—or if—he’ll make another start.