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Minor Details: Let The Good Times Roll

Does it surprise me at all that a former Winthrop Eagle is pretty much the top pitcher(statistically, that is) in our farm system?

Not really, after seeing Kevin Slowey continually being a punchout machine for the Twins' system.

However, did anyone expect to see Lewis H. Rollins to have 6 wins, a 66/14 K/BB ratio and a 1.08 ERA through 10 starts? Did anyone expect him to only have allowed 7 total earned runs and be the owner of an Orel Herscheiser-esque 40+ inning scoreless streak?

If you can answer yes to any of these truthfully, you need a job in the scouting department.

Questions arise, however, on how much of this dominance is due to him being older than 80% of the league(22, as of 3 days ago). Most systems place their more polished college pitchers in High A, but most systems don't have the obnoxious depth of pitching as we apparently have due to a few pitcher-heavy drafts and trades.

In my mind, something is going to be decided in the next month or 2 on what to do with Rollins if he continues to baffle pitchers as he is now. Matt Garza and Kevin Slowey were fast-tracked when they started getting into their dominant grooves and they're just waiting for Minnesota to escort Carlos Silva and Ramon Ortiz out of the door for them.