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Gratuitous Evan Longoria Post #1

Last year, it appeared that Longoria was finally given competition when he appeared to have a hard time against Southern League pitchers at the end of last year's minor league season. That slump, however, appeared to have subsided when he slugged the Biscuits to a Southern League championship.

Due to the language of his contract, Longoria was given an invite to Major League Camp and the introduction to major league pitchers and "the major league life." Our youngsters in camp were given things to work on, when returned to the minors. Ferny Perez appears to be working on base-stealing and getting on-base, which appeared to have faltered near the end of the season. Brignac appears to working on lowering strikeouts, while improving his walk rate. Longoria, looking at his stats, was given the task of walking as much as Ks.

.318/.452/.552, 23/23 K/BB ratio and 6 HRs in 107 AB say that Evan is playing on his own level right now, which may lead to a promotion to AAA if it continues as it is. Longoria has 24 HRs in 357 professional ABs, 27 in 375ish if you include his playoff HRs.

Should we keep Longoria in Montgomery, letting him progress to elite status as a hitting prospect playing in a neutral/pitcher-friendly Southern League, or should we break up our dynamic duo by sending Longoria to Durham and hopes that he crushes HRs in the hitter-friendly DBAP?


Should we promote Longoria to AAA?

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  • 53%
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  • 7%
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  • 30%
    Let's wait and see what he's doing in July
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  • 7%
    Let him play in AA until September 1st
    (2 votes)
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