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The Price of Dukes

As Jake speculated earlier this week, the Rays are looking to trade troubled (that's a pre-requisite when you mention Dukes, having a 'troubled', or 'disturbed', ect.) outfielder Elijah Dukes, today Jayson Stark (ESPN Insider article) mentions that the Rays are indeed dropping Elijah's name in return for bullpen help. Which of course navigated my brain to play the old who could we get game, my results after the leap.

Scott Linebrink: San Diego Padres, 30
Although he's older than what you would hope in a return for the 23 year old Dukes, there's no reason Linebrink's career couldn't stretch in upwards of another decade. The Padres were seemingly ready to deal Linebrink for Aaron Rowand this past off-season, looking at Dukes' 07 numbers versus Rowand's in 06, thus far Elijah has a better OBP, SLG, two less homeruns, and eight less stolen bases, oh and that's with nearly 250 less at-bats, so yes Dukes brings the thunder.

2005- 73 IP, 1.83 ERA
2006- 75 IP, 3.57 ERA
2007- 25 IP, 2.19 ERA

Pat Neshek: Minnesota Twins, 26
Neshek is one of my personal favorites for his odd delivery as well as 'just get results' ability. He's younger than Linebrink, won't be a free agent for another few years, and is absoloute death to righties (.143) and lefties alike (.195), the Twins could use another outfielder with Torii Hunter potentially leaving Minnesota, and Dukes would provide an offensive trio, along side Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, that would be inexpensive and dynamic for a long time to come.

2006- 37 IP, 2.19 ERA
2007- 25, 1.40 ERA

Dustin Moseley Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 25
Jake actually suggested this deal to begin with; Dukes for Moseley and catcher Jeff Mathis (career .280/.344 minor league line), the Angels have an abundance of backstops in their system; Mike Napoli, Jose Molina, even a guy like Hank Conger, leaving them with an overload, very similar to the Dodgers' situation last year with Dioner Navarro and Russell Martin. The Rays of course have two young catchers of their own in Navarro and Shawn Riggans, and my solution to this problem would be allow Mathis and Riggans to shoulder the big league duties while Navarro heads to Durham in an attempt to find himself. When Josh Paul returns ship him out, by then we've established that his `veteran presence' means very little to the staff and (for the umpteenth time) he can finish the book. Moseley has finally began to tap into some of his potential, and could become a good set-up man for the Rays.

2006- 11 IP, 9.00 ERA
2007- 29 IP, 1.55 ERA

And finally two names that would require another player, but at this point I felt like throwing them out, both are young lefties in the NL; Tyler Johnson of the St. Louis Cardinals, and Taylor Tankersley.