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6-1-07 Game Thread: Royals @ Rays

Kaz takes the mound against Brian Bannister and the Royals, who have suffered through seven straight losses entering play tonight. Kazmir has yet to win at the Trop since July 3rd, 2006 when he shut down the Boston Red Sox.

One more thing, the rotation for the next few days:
In order: Kazmir, Jackson, Fossum, Shields, leaving us without a starter for Tuesday, we've said it for a while, but we're almost as sure as we can be that Sonnanstine will get that start with one of the relievers going 'bye'.

Update [2007-6-1 16:39:41 by R.J. Anderson]: Fossum to the pen, two Durham starters will come up, and two roster moves will be made, one after the game tonight, and likely one before Tuesday.

Update [2007-6-1 21:49:14 by R.J. Anderson]: Seo has been DFA'd, this was confirmed by Todd Kalas on the Rays post-game show.

Update [2007-6-1 22:32:23 by R.J. Anderson]:Sonnanstine and Howell up, Ryu to AAA (to start), and Seo DFA'd, the Rays have 10 days to make a move with Seo.