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Jake's Take: PH Balanced

The thoughts expressed in this article are those of Jacob Larsen and do not represent(entirely) the thoughts and staff of DRays Bay. -JL


Stokes Report

Yup, still hate him and wondering why he wasn't shipped out with Corky and Horror-vella.

Like sands in an hourglass, I'd like to throw some in Brian's eye.

Mr. Zero

So much hoopla for Kevin Slowey and his insane K/BB numbers, yet not so much ever went for Sonnanstine and his also insane K/BB ratio.

Now both are in the majors, but only one of them has continued with their minor league constants.

Back when we had a minor league team in SW Michigan, I had the pleasure of meeting Sonny in Kane County. Great guy to talk to, contrary to Maddon's "stare-happy" report of Sonny, and still the pitcher as he was back then.

I wish him the best of luck and hopefully his ERA will continue to drop(dropped 2+ points yesterday).

PH Balanced

If anyone asked me if I thought that Carlos Pena and Brendan Harris would be TB regulars and 2 of our best hitters, I'd probably laugh and attempt to smack some sense into the person.

However, they're getting on base on a consistent basis and Pena is starting to live up to his potential. Harris didn't have to do much to out-produce BenZo, but Brendan is showing that Briggy needs to take the starting SS spot away from him rather than have it handed over to him.

Price Ticker

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