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6-15-07 Game Thread: Rays @ Rockies

No fancy graphic today, none the less here's the stats you've come accustomed to:

James Shields
97 IP
18 BB
83 K
3.04 ERA
0.962 WHIP
3.52 P/PA (60% first pitch strikes)

Rodrigo Lopez
34 IP
6 BB
19 K
2.88 ERA
1.194 WHIP
3.37 P/PA (57% first pitch strikes)

Iwamura 3B
Harris SS
Crawford LF
Wigginton 2B
Pena 1B
Young CF
Gomes RF
Navarro C
Shields P

In other news, look for Wade Davis to make his first AA start on Wednesday as he will be promoted from Vero Beach. Also Rocco Baldelli will begin a rehab assignment in Durham Sunday, he hopes to rejoin the Rays next Friday, the next home game for the Rays, as they face old pal Ned Colleti's Los Angeles Dodgers. Oh and hat tip to reader JoeDobr for alerting me about something NiShea Gilbert said on 620 today, apparently Elijah Dukes is bi-polar and could be off his medicine, hence the anger issues, if true it explains a lot about Dukes, who is yet again on the bench tonight, again a thanks to Joe for the heads up.