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The Catfish

We finally reach individual teams, and ones that have played more than 60 games at that rate. These are your Columbus Catfish, we'll begin with the bats, like usual.

My favorite player on the team; Nevin Ashley, is having a very good season with a .273/.342/.420 line spending the majority of his time behind the plate, six homers and 32 runs batted in, eight doubles, four triples, and 10 stolen bases (!) Third baseman Cesar Suarez is also having a good year; six homers, 48 RBIs, 24 doubles, .282/.343/.439 and 15 steals, not sure if he's a legitimate prospect since he is old for the league (23, and the league average is 21.7), but he's making a case.

We now get to the meat of the Catfish attack, that being the outfield. Desmond Jennings is simply stunning, .308/.391/.458 with five homers, 23 RBIs, 13 doubles, five triples, 33 stolen bases, and more runs scored (48) than strikeouts (35), I take pleasure in noting `D-Money' as one of the few, the proud, the Saturday Sleepers from so long ago. Another breakout 20 year old in the outfield would be Ryan Royster, 12 homers, eight steals, 18 doubles, a triple, and a line of .309/.351/.527. The final piece of the outfield has been a split between Maiko Loyola (.240/.377/.359) and John Matulia (.284/.349/.392) both of whom have had their share of success this year, combing for four homers, 32 runs batted in and 25 stolen bases.

The Catfish staff is likely the best collection of pitching in the system now that most of Durham has graduated. Jeremy Hellickson has a 2.72 ERA and a .220 BAA through 10 starts, Wade Townsend is averaging nearly nine strikeouts per nine through 68 innings, pair of Ryans, Owens and Reid each have five saves and BAA's lower than .240. Neal Frontz leads the team with 11 saves, and Heath Rollins leads the team with seven victories, a .222 batting average against, and a 4.1  K:BB rate, best amongst non-closers on the team.