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The Vero Beach Rays

Not a lot of offense to talk about on the VB Rays, first baseman Rhyne Hughes is having a breakout year, nine homers, 43 runs batted in, .333/.389/.517 along with 17 doubles, he's the offensive leader, bar none. Sergio Pedorza, who is no longer a catcher, experiment over, is hitting .262, has a .355 OBP and a .429 slugging, seven homers, and 12 doubles, I'd look for his numbers to pick up, and probably for IsoPedroza to be promoted back to the Biscuits sometime soon now that his knees and back won't take such a beating.

Jake covered the pitching trio earlier today, so instead of rehashing I'll focus on the closer; Greg Dupas, and the other top relievers Eddie De La Cruz and Jino Gonzalez. Dupas' ERA isn't pretty; 4.39, but his 8.49 K/9 and 1.95 K/BB are somewhat encouraging for the 23 year old. De La Cruz is 25, has a 2.83 ERA, and sports a similar 8.66 K/9 rate. Gonzalez is possibly the most encouraging, 50 innings, 49 hits against, a 9.18 K/9 rate and 3.40 K/BB rates, he's 24, so a little old for the league (23), but could ascend in the organization as some of the drafted arms are added.

We'll take a look at the Biscuits tomorrow.