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The Break-Up: The Story of the "Young Trio"

2 Years ago, Hudson Valley had one of the most promising trios of Starting Pitchers in all of Minor League Baseball. Jake McGee, Wade Davis and Matt Walker were all "strikeout" pitchers with high-projectability. Rays fans were excited with the idea that the Rays were starting to produce it's own homegrown pitching depth in what was then a positional-heavy system.

Things started to change a bit last year, with Davis and McGee being stars in the Midwest League while Walker was kept in Hudson Valley for some "work". Walker was finally reunited with his buddies and McGee seemed to be the "star" of the trio. Wade Davis had the highlight of the group, throwing a no-hitter (in a loss) as the SW Michigan Rays were finishing their season. Walker appeared to show that he was starting to "get it".

However, it all changed in 2007. Wade Davis threw another no-hitter at the very beginning of the Vero Beach Devil Rays' season. Jake McGee was every bit of a strikeout machine as he was last year, but it appeared that Davis had surpassed him as a pitching prospect and that was made apparent when Davis got promoted to Double-A Montgomery at midseason. As for Walker, whatever he had learned in his short-season "refresher" was forgotten and he seems to be getting pounded on a start-by-start basis at Vero Beach.

All hope is not lost for "The Trio", as they all still have time and youth on their sides. However, Davis seems to be the quickest to mature in the minors and McGee and Walker have major work to do before they reach his level.