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6-5-07 Game Thread: Rays @ Blue Jays

It's quite the 'Sonny' day; Andrew Sonnanstine is making his debut, perhaps the most anticipated start since Kazmir's first start, and the Rays are now on pace for a franchise record 71 wins, and we're only going to get better (knock on wood), encouraging to say the least. Sweeping the Jays would leave the Rays potentially in second place (go White Sox and Mariners) which would be a giant step foward, and perhaps provides momentum to finish in third, a huge improvement over what many would expect, even in this weakened division.

Shields was what we thought he was yesterday, and we may as well crown his ass for being so, ode to Dennis Green, and let's hope Sonnanstine is what we think he is come tonight. The Jays will have their ace, Roy Halladay going, but their lineup is missing a key 'Rays killer' in Lyle Overbay, who has a career .926 OPS against the Tampa club.

One last thing, Carl Crawford's next hit will make him the Rays' all-time hits leader; he's all ready broken Aubrey Huff's runs record this year.