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The Biscuits

Had a little technical difficulty last night and ended up losing the post due to my own error, so sorry for the day delay.

Catcher John Jaso leads the team with his .935 OPS and .423 OBP, Evan Longoria has 17 homers and a line of .299/.398/.531, other than those two only one other Biscuit has an OPS above .750, that being center fielder and superb writer Fernando Perez, who boasts 16 stolen bases and a .403 OBP. Jason Pridie is of course with Durham now, and it should be mentioned first baseman Chris Nowak is having a solid season; .285/.381/.365, otherwise disappointment from Reid Brignac's .693 OPS reigns supreme.

Pitching wise Chris Mason should be in Durham, 94 innings, 80 hits, 8 Ks/9, 3.35 K:BB, really Mason has nothing left to prove at AA. Nor do Brian Henderson and Dale Thayer; both relievers, Henderson projects as a LOOGY, but that's not stopping him from a .220 BAA, Thayer's been trapped in AA for a while now, it's time for the organization to let him move up and see if he's legit or just a career AA player.

We'll finish the minor leagues with Durham tomorrow night.