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Carl Crawford has been spotted with Scott Boras...OH NOES! He's gone, going, going, gone, it's over. Why C.C., WHY? Oh, mean some people are jumping to conclusions, just like with the Kazmir - Yankee plane fiasco? Oh.

SAN FRANCISCO - Carl Crawford had big, important things on his mind Monday as he took in the preliminaries leading up to his second All-Star Game.

"I hope I can get in," he said. "If I'm lucky enough, I'll get in."

Is the Devil Rays' lone representative hoping American League manager Jim Leyland gives him the chance to make a difference in tonight's game? Sure, but that's not what he was talking about.

As much as anything, Crawford was hoping he'd score an invitation to the exclusive party being thrown Monday night by Barry Bonds and hip-hop personality Jay-Z.

He even went so far as to seek the help of super agent Scott Boras, who hovered near uber-client Alex Rodriguez throughout most of the 45-minute interview session for the American League players.

Boras wasn't able to help with the party, but he and Crawford huddled for about five minutes at the end of the session. As they talked, a Devil Rays videographer sent to San Francisco to record Crawford's All-Star experience was shooed away after being asked politely to stop recording.

Crawford is represented by Houston-based agent Brian Peters, who negotiated the deal with the Rays that could keep Crawford in a Tampa Bay uniform through 2010 and pay him $33.5 million if the Rays exercise team options for 2009 and 2010.

Crawford will be a 29-year-old free agent after that. Monday's discussion with Boras won't necessarily lead to an agent switch, but it's an indication of the kind of attention Crawford is likely to receive as his earning potential continues to grow.

You mean he just wanted to go to a party, and that Boras chatted with an All-Star non-client at the All-Star events for a few minutes? The horror, THE HORROR.