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Crawford's Comments on the Rays

Update [2007-7-11 17:33:51 by R.J. Anderson]:Having listened to it, I see a lot of leading, Carl may have said one or two small things, but otherwise the thing that will be brought up will be his laughing during the 'how long until your a free agent' discussion. If you listen I believe it isn't until the hyenna of a co-host starts laughing does Carl, afterwards it sounds like mostly the two 'chuckleheades'.

Click here, scroll down to the 'Ron and Ian' with CC on FSR piece to listen

The radio waves are wired with Carl Crawford's comments towards the Rays yesterday on the Chris Myers' radio show. I haven't found any transcripts or any quotes but if you turn the radio to 620 you'll hear soundbytes. Of the one I heard, it sounded like Crawford trying to be a leader, paraphrasing:

On being 20 games back:"It's hard, but I've been doing it for six years, and I just try to keep the young guys focused and tell them brighter things ahead, something good wiil come of it."

Apparently Myers and company asked something to the effect of "When's you getting out of there?"

Carl responded laughing and said something to the effect of "2009", although that's not true, Carl was forced into that comment in my eyes.

Nothing I've heard has sounded like anything but a leader of the team, a young one, trying to rally the troops. Perhaps, as is the hot rumor, trying to get himself out of town, or to get managment to provide some 'better players. There's talk that he mentioned Cincy, Houston, and Philly as 'ballparks' he'd like to play in, from what I've heard the term 'parks' not 'teams', and with those being hitter parks it makes sense, plus Carl being from Houston.

Coinciding with the Scott Boras meeting, I know I've made some jokes about Carl being out of town, but this is probably being blown up larger than it really is. Carl's a humble, honest guy, Myers and co. likely asked some questions that lead into soundbyte answers, we'll probably see Crawford issue a statement upon his return to Tampa or we'll take note that these are probably the same things he's been saying for a while now, only not on the national scene.