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Did the Rays Overachieve?

Runs scored: 408
Runs allowed: 537
Expected W-L: 33-54
Real W-L: 34-53

I feel it's important to note that 222 of those runs (not earned runs) came off of: Seo, Fossum, Jackson, Orvella, Cocoran, Lugo, otherwise that's 286 off of the rest of the Rays' pitchers, and Josh Wilson. Of the 764 innings pitched this season, 539 have been by pitchers I didn't list, a la the not 'BEEP' terrible variety, the other 225 to those listed, which amazingly comes out to almost a run per inning when those six touch the rubber.

This shows us, that at least the runs deficits won't get worse in the second half; obviously good teams usually outscore their opponents, but when you're giving up that many runs...

As for the offense, check this out for some of the Rays' overachievers and underachievers, at least from the Hardball Times perspective, interesting to see Upton boast a 30% contact rate, a lot of folks seem to think he strikes out too much.

So 87 are done, 75 to go, what will the Rays' final record stand at, and will they get the 31 wins at home needed to reach 50?