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Speaking of Sabbaticals

Casey Fossum must go, not to New York on the next road trip, not back to the starting rotation or as the mop up guy, he must be waived.

You see, Casey Fossum is not a good baseball player, and that would be fine if he didn't get paid to be a good baseball player, at least an average ballplayer. 68 innings, 99 hits, 57 earned runs, 13 homeruns allowed, 22 walks, 44 strikeouts, a 7.58 ERA, and a 60 ERA+, meaning he's worse than about 40% of all `average' pitchers. If that isn't enough he's got a -25 pitching runs above average and -4 PRAR (pitching runs above replacement) meaning an average Joe pitcher, a jobber, would've been better than Fossum, the problem of course is finding the elusive jobber to take over.

What rhymes with jobber? Dober? Eh, not really, but Dohmann seems like the name of your completely average relief pitcher, and he has the minor league numbers to boot. I know, I know, but Seth McClung's peripherals aren't pretty, Chad Orvella is a house of cards, and the world isn't ready for Steve Andrade, but Dohmann has decent numbers for a signing that most said D'oh over.

47 innings, 36 hits, 11 earned runs, two homeruns, 13 walks, 48 strikeouts, a 2.08 ERA, five saves so you can safely insert your own Tim McCarver quote about how he's got the mental workings of an antiperspirant, always cool under pressure. Heck even the freaking Scott Dohbermann website editor is making cracks about how he's over qualified for our pen, do we really want that on our ads for new relievers?

It's time for Fossum to go, I wouldn't worry about him going to another team and becoming Jesus Colome or Jorge Sosa, he'll go where the wind carries him, literally.