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Hooking Up, Again?

Via Tim Dierkes at MLB Trade Rumors, from Jayson Stark's latest piece on

Relievers under consideration by the Dodgers: Chad Qualls, Dan Wheeler, Octavio Dotel, Al Reyes, and a new one - Luis Vizcaino.

Ned Colleti / Andrew Friedman have hooked up for three trades all ready in their short tenures, none of which working out all that great for either team:

Lance Carter and Danys Baez for Edwin Jackson and Chuck Tiffany.

Mark Hendrickson and Toby Hall for Dioner Navarro, Jae Seo, and Justin Ruggiano

Julio Lugo for Joel Guzman and Sergio Pedroza

Other than Lurch none of those players remain with the Dodgers, meanwhile Jackson and Navarro have struggled, Seo has been decent for Durham, Ruggiano seems like a legit 4th OF prospect, Guzman has came on as of late, and Pedroza has done just well enough for me to maintain my somewhat premature 'poor man's Bobby Abreu' comments to John Sickels amongst others aren't too nutty, at least not yet.

There was also talk of a Rocco Baldelli deal from a month ago which would've sent Chad Billingsley and Andre Ethier to the Rays for the Rocc, that obviously fell through. Perhaps the Rays could pluck Jonathan Meloan from the ranks?