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Dear Rays,

This is your wakeup call, it's the second day of July, this day last year you would go on to nearly sweep the Boston Red Sox, including a Kazmir one hitter. A year later you play the Sox starting tomorrow, but that's not as important as today's game; the series finale with the Indians. The team has lost seven straight, hasn't been hitting or fielding, but the pitching has been pretty good for the large part, even Edwin.

Carl Crawford for the love of God just suck it up and play centerfield for a week or two, just until B.J. Upton is back in Tampa and has his legs underneath him for a little while. We know, you don't like centerfield, well we don't like Delmon Young overrunning grounders or misplaying deep balls, he belongs in right field, Jonny Gomes belongs as the DH, but for the time being is probably better than Dustan Mohr. Carl you make four million this year, you are for all purposes the team leader (All-Star rep, ect.), and you've been critical of the losing in the past, but yet you have a chance to help the team improve in a lacking area and you won't because you don't feel comfortable? Last time I checked guys who are hitting .288/.339 should be feeling less comfortable in the lineup and more comfortable being the team player.

Joe Maddon, please guy never let Dustan Mohr or Jonny Gomes run in any situation that could negatively affect the outcome of the game. Look Joe, I know a successful steal can help to raise the chances of scoring in an inning, but you like stats right? Well I do, and I think you do, but Joe look at your copy of the Expected Runs Matrix, yesterday you ran guys on first with one out twice. For those not looking at one men on first with one out has the expected run amount of 0.5487, men on second with one out has the amount of 0.6911, that's a 0.1424 difference, however bases empty with two out drops to 0.1075, a 0..4412 run drop, so ask yourself Joe is 0.1424 gained runs expectation really a good idea when the sacrifice is a 0.4412 drop off, and when only one run is suffice in the situation?

Delmon Young, what the hell happened to you, from 13 game hitting streak to seamlessly striking out swinging every time up. I know you're a `my pitch' type of hitter, and that's fine, it worked for Wade Boggs, but Delmon the whole point of that philosophy is to not swing at the pitches that aren't `perfect', meaning those down and away probably aren't going to turn out as you would think.

I could go on, but basically we're all frusturated by this losing streak, and I just wanted to express some of those feelings towards three individuals, I obviously didn't even cover the Josh Wilson starting four of five games debacle, Dioner's re-slump, and Casey Fossum who I fully expect has hyenas following him around, just waiting for him to be executed Old Yeller style by Andrew Friedman.