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Hold On

The topic has been spread around a few other posts, but I must question what exactly people are looking for when I see them blame Joe Maddon for bringing in Casey Fossum yesterday. We're down 8-3, our best or second best starter has been roughed up, and yet people are saying we stand a chance if he doesn't bring in the Foss?

What? Have you looked at our bullpen in the last month? Credit to RATW for posting these numbers in a diary:

Hammel? 6.11 ERA (as reliever)
Camp? 6.64 ERA
Ryu? 6.65 ERA
Stokes? 7.54 ERA
Witasick? 9.53 ERA
Dohmann? 12.00 ERA

Other than Glover / Reyes who probably shouldn't be used outside of high leverage situations, what exactly do we throw out there? Maddon has done a lot of things wrong this year; using Camp and Lugo early on even after they got the daylights knocked out of them is one, but to blame Joe Maddon for yesterdays loss is outright ridiculous and unfair.

Maddon's the easiest target to become a scapegoat, and again I'm not saying he's done everything right, or even 75% of things right, but look at what he has to work with, especially yesterday, and then ask yourself how exactly is that his fault?

Also I know some people think we're idiots for going after Proctor / Farnsworth a la 'trash', look at their lines folks:
Proctor: 53 IP, 3.74 ERA Farnsworth: 39 IP, 4.35 ERA

Great? Nope, but they'd be amongst the leaders in ERA in our bullpen. So if they're trash, what exactly did Maddon have to turn to yesterday?