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Rays' Playoffs Begin Tonight

Yeah, it's somewhat sad, and lame, but I think our 'playoffs' begin tonight against the Orioles. We're 6.5 games behind them for fourth, 10 from third, and we have three coming up, doing the math we could leave trailing by three and a half, not to shabby with slightly more than 60 games to go.

Let's just hope Crash Schilling's 'grip it, rip it' / 'don't think' advice is in Scott Kazmir's head tonight.

Also, the Miami Herald is not a good newspaper:

The club has looked around for a long-term solution in center field, with Franklin Gutierrez of the Cleveland Indians, Michael Bourn of the Philadelphia Phillies and B.J. Upton of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays coming under consideration. But they might wait until the offseason to intensify its search.

I'm sure the Rays are looking to deal their best player.