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Lost in the Shuffle

Other than our blackout against the lengthy enigma known as Daniel Cabrera a point being missed from last night's game was Joe Maddon basically giving up two runs through poor pitching management. Remember back to the 7th, Kazmir walks one, then proceeds to throw a pitch past Navarro making it a 2-0 count. Right then and there Maddon can pull Kazmir, bring in Salas, and a walk will only load the bases with two outs. Instead Joe keeps Kaz in, he walks the current batter, and the next, Salas comes in and walks another batter, and boom it's 3-0 off of three straight walks.

I'm not one to constantly bash Maddon or promote poor usage of caps lock (see: FIRE JOE MADDON), but when you're down by one and the bats have went silent perhaps it's time to put emphasis on one run. All and all a poor executed game by all involved minus Kazmir, Salas, and B.J. Upton.