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J.P. Peterson Might Be Crazy

Hat tip to a long time reader of the site for alerting me that J.P. Peterson suggested trading B.J. Upton today, apparently J.P. felt the need to get creative, which I have nothing against, but in this case his idea is ludicrous.

I'm not going to go on a long tangent on why trading your best player, a 22 year old with an OBP of over .420 who's under team control through 2011 for an item valued higher than oil but has a poor market just isn't reasonable. I understand everyone is frustrated, but face it, no big name players will be dealt anymore at the trade deadline, if they are it's because someone overpays in young talent, as a small market team we cannot afford to give up two of our top prospects for someone like Javier Vazquez, I like Vaz, but he's not worth it.

This isn't directed just at Peterson, and I respect most of his work, including his Bucs' coverage, but if he's reading and would like to explain his stance, my email is on the sidebar, I'd be interested in hearing it, as would our readers I'm sure.