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Wiggy is a Wanted Man

Boston wants him, Minnesota, the Yanks, and apparently one more team as reports say there are four teams showing deep interest, the St. Pete Times is saying the Dodgers. As far as who I would want: Scott Baker (duh), Craig Hansen (duh), then the myriad of Yankee castaways.

Also, maybe it's time to cash the chips in on Carl Crawford, he's lost all hustle, and yes I do blame that on him, he didn't have to sign that extension, but he did. How about living up to the expectations given when you signed for that money Carl, right now you're not worth big money, and after word came out a few years ago about how you ignored coaching advice I have to wonder in what tier of superstars you value yourself, because right now you're barely in the top five of this team, and that All Star bid you got probably should've went to Shields, Upton, Reyes, Pena, or Harris. Crawford wants to be a marquee player in the game, it seems his ego is all ready there. If we can get a young frontline starter (Ian Snell anyone?) I'd do it at this point, bring up Ruggiano or better yet Fernando Perez to play left field, at least they'd want to be here, and the world could use more of Perez' writing.

[editor's note, by R.J. Anderson] Let me clarify, the Crawford rant was me clearing steam rather than saying 'let's deal CC right now no matter what', I still hold be the belief that we should only move him if we get a young frontline pitcher (not you Dontrelle) otherwise hold onto him.