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Live Blog, Yay!

Yes we kinda stopped doing these, but for those of you with no way to watch, hit it after the jump to keep up on the game.



Human Rain Delay on the mound, Steve Trachsel, can you believe he was once the opening day starter for the Rays? Me neither.

Paul Bako behind the plate for the O's, a former Cubs combo.

Aki with the high socks, sunglasses takes ball one.

And just like that pops out to Millar at first, one out.

Carl with a K, and this game has the attraction factor of Sharon Stone, 500 years from now.

BJ grounds out to Roberts, and just like that it's time for E-Jax to show us what he's got, hopefully something with slightly less buzz than my head after seeing this

That is Manny being Manny, as a Simpson (thanks to Deadspin)

Roberts steps in, and the Jackal delivers a pitch juuuuuust outside.

And a walk right off the bat...awesome.

Corey Patterson is hitting .263? This is simply amazing, he was hitting around .220 a few weeks ago.

And Roberts just made a boo-boo, 1-6-3-1 on the pickoff play.

Jackson just threw a balll over the back wall (THANK YOU NET)


Jackson has thrown three straight balls after getting ahead 0-2....and a swinging strikeout, thank you very much. KK


Delmon flies out, and it appears ESPN has another baseball writer, Howard Bryant has nothing to do with the Rays, really, but I'm just trying to fill some space while Track delays.

Wiggy with a warning track flyout, and this is going to be a long day for 'The Track'.

Gomes - Gomez, inning over, but we're hitting the ball hard, and usually that means something good is on the way.

Millar just pulled a ball down the third base line, leadoff double. Here we go...

Huffster out on a high chop, but Millar to third, Jackson almost blew the play with a lob of a toss.

Delmon Young just shot a ball from right field to home, apparently Millar was safe, but.....replay = OUT at first look.

Or not.

1-1. Maddon apparently didn't argue to the point of getting tossed.

Inning over.

Trachsel continously going to his pants, and you can tell by the stain that's present...

Navarro walks, attaboy! Now watch Maddon bunt with Wilson.

Wilson instead flies out...

Friedman isn't sure the Rays will be involved in anything major, wait...Wigginton = major? Eh, that's reaching.

Hit and run fails, Aki flies out, Navarro loses three pounds.

Carl with an RBI double. We love you again Mr. Demonte.

Navarro loses ten pounds running from first to home.

See folks, I say move Shields to the pen, he goes on to become an ace. I scold Carl, he hits a all that allows Navarro to score from first, it's a cycle.

Carl steals third...cycle

BJ walks and Pena has the chance to make it rain. He makes it rain on deez O's... and it would make Fat Joe very happy.

Staats has had his coffee, "CARLOS SWINGS undernearth it too much." A la flyout.

Paul Bako; I'm not sure how he even has a job really, although he'll probably make a decent coach one day.

Jack hits 96 upstairs and he's going fast

Naturally Bako hits a double past BJ...cycle

Rays win: Cocky moves on...lose and...well I can't muster the courage to type it...WIN ONE...FOR THE COCK

Infield hit for Fahey, about the weakest hit ball I've seen since Dukes (I believe) in the Marlins series. 1st&3rd nobody out, Brian 'I did not use steroids' Roberts up, hacks, 0-1

Another walk, and out comes Hickey...let's time it....5....10....15 tomatoes....20....25....30....35....40....45....50...

Patterson gets himself a foul grandslam.

Pops up to left, Carl's throw...holds Bako.

Wait..Markakis has a sub .150 BA with the bases loaded, but 1 HR, 16 RBIs, HOW MANY CHANCES DO YOU GET MAN?

98...bring the heat any?

3-2 count, bases loaded...please no.

Dang. 3-2, runners at second and third, and Jack needs a strikeout in a bad way.

Ground rule double, and unlike the real game, live blogs have a five run mercy rule, otherwise it gets nasty.

DOHMANN IS UP! Is it wrong I'm excited about a 12 ERA reliever? Yes? I'm guessing yes...

Eh look at the brightside Edwin, at least it didn't hit you in the face...

Pena with a nice stab, and we've resorted to posting pictures of sea mammals, not you Toby Hall...


Quick, Steve Henderson, TELL JOBU OFF!

Scott Baker, relief pill maker

Oh and do yourself a favor, never google image search Scott Baker, the first pic is truly uh...disturbing.

The sun: not a fan of the Rays.

Dohmann time...not a good start by E-Jax.

I'm sure the motivation to be a Rays fan Saturday is overwhelming with the Sox fans and flower t-shirts.

Never been anything wrong with his arm
New Harville folks. Hooray!

Also we're an equal opportunity blog so:

Craig Hansen, a beauty compared to the Rays bullpen of Marilyn Mansons.

Dohmann with a K.

Dohmann with another K, nice job, very nice job.

See folks, the cycle continues. If BJ pops one we're right back in it.

Dave Trembley teaches fundamentals...and naturally BJ hits a single after CC is thrown out.

Delmon is a man child, 53 RBIs on the year, and the tying run is on third.

You know, this Dohmann cat isn't so least not for today.

Rob Bell, they love old Rays or what?

Gomes / Navarro are gone, let's hope J-Wil does something...

The Juice is very nasty...very nasty.

The cutter is on, and it's really giving hitter's fits. Dohmann - Salas 2.2 IP 0 ER, excellent job from the pen, the bad news? At least six more outs to get, let's hope nine.

Salas' ERA down to 3.37.

Dohmann's ERA at 8.5, but in very limited action.

Warning track flyout, and you have the feeling this game is going to end on a hard hit ball that falls a foot shy of being a homer.

Upton with another hit, God bless him.

Kalas: Fossum and Paul will be back tomorrow, position player will also join the team, my guess would be Ben Zobrist getting the call.

BJ looked like he reaggrivated that quad...

Navarro is like, really really underrated when it comes to gunning runners out. Seventh in the league folks.

So 3.2 IP by the pen 0 ER, is this bizzaro world?

Reyes looks to make it 4.2, which would feature our four best pen arms.

Oh Wiggy... much for perfect bullpen / nuclear winter.

Jesus Al, four runs?

BJ is fine, just cramping

Full count on Harris I'm not jinxing it.

Well thank you very much Edwin Jackson and Al Reyes.