Jose Canseco, author of 'Juiced' and purveyor of the juice, made a few of the shows on the media circuit today. One was the WEEI (Boston) 'Big Show'. (First blog to point this out is here)

Canseco answered Curt Schilling's charges, then he talked about other subjects. One was Alex Rodriguez.

Canseco says he is coming out with a new book, with much more information. Canseco shows no great love for A-Rod as evidenced by his comments.

Canseco says this about A-Rod:

"I have other stuff on Alex Rodriquez" and "He is not whom he seems to be".

The announcers asked Canseco directly: "Has A-Rod ever taken steroids"

Canseco: "Wait and see"

Is Jose Canseco implicating Alex Rodriquez as a PED user? He certainly hints at it above, in his new book which will be "better than the first book by a mile"

Canseco talks about A-Rod at about 20 minutes into the interview. He says his new book will be titled 'Vindicated', with '10 times more information'

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