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Delcarmen in Wiggy talks?

The Boston Globe reports "Two names mentioned in smaller deals (Devil Rays infielder Ty Wigginton) are reliever Manny Delcarmen and Double A righthander Justin Masterson. But the Sox probably wouldn't surrender them for a player of Wigginton's caliber."

Boston Herald:"Nearly every discussion resulted in the other side asking for one of the organization's top prospects: Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz or Jacoby Ellsbury. The Texas Rangers are believed to be seeking two from that group in order to part with slugger Mark Teixeira... With the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' demands for Ty Wigginton ridiculously high, the Sox may end up acquiring either Reggie Sanders (Kansas City) or Bobby Kielty (Oakland) to serve as the fourth outfielder, providing a move involving Wily Mo Pena can be made first."

NY Post: "According to talent evaluators from AL and NL clubs the Yankees and Devil Rays are moving closer to a deal that would send Proctor to St. Petersburg for utility infielder Ty Wigginton

NY Daily News: "The Cubs have joined the list of teams interested in dealing for Tampa Bay's Ty Wigginton, according to a source. The Yankees are interested in the infielder, along with the Red Sox, Dodgers and Twins."

Minny Star Tribune: "The Twins remain interested in Tampa Bay infielder Ty Wigginton, who hit his 16th homer on Thursday...