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Cantu traded to Reds

For lefty Brian Shackelford and right-hander Calvin Medlock, per Lancaster.

Shackelford, 31, has a career 4.11 ERA in the bigs and currently a 4.96 ERA for AAA Louisville. He has a career .190 BAA left handed hitters.

Medlock, 24, has a 6.43 ERA in AAA Louisville as a reliever and has somehow walked nearly 9 per, but both of those numbers are far cries from his previous stops, including AA Chattanooga where in 47 innings he had a 2.64 ERA and averaged less than a walk per nine.

Just a guess, but our pen should look something like this come tomorrow:
CL - Reyes
SU - Salas
SU - Glover
LOOGY- Shackelford
MR - Balfour
LR - Ryu
Mop-up - Stokes

On paper this deal looks to favor the Rays, as the Balfour deal does, we've been calling for bullpen help and it appears the team is using spare pieces to fix the place up. Not a bad strategy at all, for that we commend the front office for what looks like at the moment, upgrading the major weakness.

Also we did send our wishes to Seth, because he's a nice guy and he deserves success, but Cantu's ego is inflated beyond what a man of his limited success should have. 117 runs batted in does not make you above the game Jorge, have fun in Louisville, you're facing Durham tonight.

Update [2007-7-28 17:48:1 by R.J. Anderson]: Looks like OF Shaun Cumberland will also head to Cincy.