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Wigginton for Wheeler

The Rays just traded Ty Wigginton to Houston for Dan Wheeler,

Wheeler's line: 50 IP, 46 H, 56 K, 13 BB, .245 BAA, 5 ERA, tell me which doesn't fit.

Again, the DRO is looking to upgrade the pen, although Shackelford will report to Durham...who knows folks, we may have more deals before hte night is out. Shock and awe.

Welcome back Wheeler, who's father in law is Dewayne Staats, he still holds the Rays' franchise record for most Ks in one game, and he never should've been released, thank you very much LaMar.

Also, Grant Balfour is straight up pumped about the move.

Update [2007-7-28 20:11:35 by R.J. Anderson]: Ben Zobrist will be brought up tomorrow to join in Harris and Wilson at the SS/2B slots. Wheeler will join the team Monday, the Rays will make another move, I'm guessing Ryu down for a player like Ruggiano.