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Take a Closer look at Those Contracts...

You may remember a while back we did some payroll fidgeting, well we're going back to that well in this post, and pointing out some things no other site has.

-Gary Glover went two plus innings yesterday, which is a bit unusual, it turns out that he gets an extra 50,000 for reaching point plateaus of 40, 50, 60, and 70, how does he reach these points? Three points per start, two points per appearances of 1+ innings pitched, one point per appearances of 1 or less innings pitched. By my figures he's earned 66 points so far, meaning he's easily going to eclipse the 70 line, and earn an excess of 200,000 dollars to go along with his 600,000 salary.

-If Casey Fossum is with the team after tomorrow's trade deadline look for the team to simply buyout his contract this off-season for 300,000 as opposed to the three million for next year. Fossum is clearly on his last legs with the Rays, but there's no sense in terminating him and forcing the three million towards him next season even if he's not on the roster.

-Same story with Jay Witasick, if the Rays don't feel the need to spend out 2.5 million on him next year they can simply buy him out for 250,000 this off-season, that would actually be more than the Rays are paying for him this year: 230K with some change, meanwhile Oakland is handing the rest of the 1.5 million dollars.

-While the team is guaranteed one more year of each Dan Wheeler and Carlos Pena, don't be surprised if both are approached during the off-season with the idea of locking up the 29 and 28 year olds for the next 3-5 years.

-Don't be surprised if the Rays limit new reliever Grant Balfour's appearances for the rest of the season, he gets incentives based on appearances: 15,000 for 30 games, 25,000 for 40, 45, and 55, and 45,000 for 60 games, needless to say the final four are likely out of reach, and even if he's used every other game he'll be hard pressed to reach 30.

-The Rays began the season with a payroll just shy of 25 million, as of now they stand at 28 million, the Yankees they are not, but Sternberg and company have shown the willingness to add relievers with large, albeit slightly below market value price tags; Jay Witasick, although his contract is being tabbed on the A's, Dan Wheeler, and Grant Balfour all make more than the likes of who they replaced: Ruddy Lugo, Shawn Camp, and Tim Corcoran. Clearly there is no reason to believe the team still couldn't add a high priced free agent or two and be in good financial shape heading into next season.