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It's the Jays and Rays

W: Dohmann
L: Wolfe
MVP: Crawford / The Pen

Crawford gave us heart, and won ours back, pinch running and after a rather weak swing on the previous pitch taking advantage of a poorly placed fastball and ending the game. Josh Wilson had a clutch hit in the 9th, and boy those Toronto middle infielders are snazzy with leather. Wheeler, Fossum, Balfour, Reyes, and Dohmann all delivered for a 4.1 inning, 0 ER performance. Pen have we? We have pen. Forever will Al Reyes last (possible) image be striking out a batterin the most tense of moments.

As for motivation tonight:
Frank Thomas hits little kids.

Lancaster on that meeting

Andrew Friedman met with the media for a few minutes after being holed up with his advisers most of the day. Sounds like there was a lot of talk, but no action yet.
"We’re continuing to have conversations," said Friedman. "I think the volume of calls definitely picked up today. I think anytime you’re approaching a deadline, the sense of urgency kind of picks up a little bit. That being said, I wouldn’t characterize anything as close or even likely to happen – with the obvious caveat that things can change."
Al Reyes would seem to be the top candidate to be moved at the moment, but the Rays will need an impressive return to pull the trigger. Because they control Reyes through next season at an affordable rate, they don’t HAVE to move him like the Royals need to trade Octavio Dotel, for instance.