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Niemann Leaves Start Early

As the user 'SC Rays fan' noticed Durham starter Jeff Niemann left the game after an inning and one batter, the MiLB Gameday source says 'injury delay'...we've yet to confirm it is indeed an injury. New acquisition Calvin Medlock has taken over for him, the only other option would be Edwin Jackson moving in, what Marc Topkin called, a 'huge' trade, if it were to happen. No specifics, but if we don't see E-Jax or Reyes with the team tonight it might be an indication something is up.

Our good friend, Kevin Gengler reports through Rays Baseball that Jeff Niemann left the game after one batter, and his fastball wasn't over 88. Hopefully it's just a tired arm, we'll see.

Update [2007-7-30 20:0:57 by R.J. Anderson]: From Gengler, "Jeff Niemann left because of "Precautionary reasons for a shoulder injury" according to the broadcast. They'll know more tomorrow, they said."

Update [2007-7-30 20:6:5 by R.J. Anderson]: Per Durham's website: Jeff Nieman departs 1 BF - precaution rt shoulder

Per Marc Lancaster: "According to Andrew Friedman, Niemann was taken out as a precaution because of "right shoulder fatigue." Niemann will be examined further but further reports are fairly positive, Friedman said. "