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Don't ask, Dotel...It's Deadline Day.

Per Marc Lancaster the Rays are done, no moves forthcoming.

Per Yahoo 7/30 Game Recap Notes:

There was a large group of scouts at the game, including the Yankees, Mets, White Sox, Seattle, Texas, Cleveland, St. Louis, Arizona and Houston. Among the players who have drawn interest include Devil Rays closer Al Reyes and Blue Jays reliever Jason Frasor.

Some familiar names looking at Reyes, so we know that his is continuing on with old rumors.

Detroit Free Press: "Don’t be surprised if you learn of a trade between the Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates today. The clubs have spoken in recent days – the respective general managers, Dave Dombrowski and Dave Littlefield, have a strong relationship – and there are plenty of reasons to believe a deal could happen, with Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson as the centerpiece... I’ve found no evidence to suggest that the Tigers are involved in serious talks for either of Tampa Bay’s veteran relievers, Al Reyes or Dan Wheeler, but that could change."

Newsday: "The Yankees are one of four finalists to acquire Rangers reliever Eric Gagne before today's 4 p.m. non-waivers trade deadline, major league sources said last night. They are trying desperately to upgrade their bullpen, and the Devil Rays' Dan Wheeler and Al Reyes could be fallback options if the Yankees can't land Gagne."

Newark Star Ledger:"They were making a strong late push for Gagne, and like the Yankees they had a chance, since they're not on the list of teams to which Gagne can't be traded without his permission... The Mets also have expressed interest in Tampa Bay closer Al Reyes, but they were facing stiff competition for his services from the Seattle Mariners and others."

Our good friend Tim Dierkes at MLBTR caught this tidbit from Ken Rosenthal's latest: "The Mariners seem focused on Wheeler and Reyes of the Devil Rays"

St. Pete Times: "The Mariners and Mets are among those most interested in Reyes, and the Dodgers and Yankees are said to be high on Wheeler, whom the Rays acquired Saturday from Houston for Ty Wigginton. The Indians and Tigers are also among those seeking bullpen help. Other teams with scouts at the Trop included the Astros, Cardinals, D'backs, Rangers and White Sox."

Though others may view Reyes or Wheeler as a short-term acquisition, the Rays see them as key pieces next season and are waiting to see what teams will offer. They are likely seeking young big-leaguers or prime prospects, such as Seattle's Jeff Clement. There also may be interest in outfielder Jonny Gomes. "We have kind of a targeted list that we focused on for a while and we reached out to teams and have been the aggressor, and in other instances other teams have been the aggressor with us," Friedman said.

Tampa Tribune: "The Mariners are thought to be a leading contender for Reyes' services, particularly after apparently losing out on Royals closer Octavio Dotel, who reportedly is on his way to Atlanta. Seattle and about a dozen other teams had scouts at Tropicana Field on Monday night."

U.S.S Mariner reports the Al Reyes for Jeff Clement deal 'has legs'...

Again from Dierkes: "Here's a new name for you, courtesy of ESPN's Jayson Stark: Tampa Bay's Jonny Gomes". I'd look for the Mets to get interested in him.

Dukes is getting more phone action than Gomes

Update [2007-7-31 12:15:55 by R.J. Anderson]: Per Lancaster Dukes will not be moved today.

From Topkin:There have been a few whispers about injured OF Rocco Baldelli and troubled OF Elijah Dukes, and the cursory mention of All-Star Carl Crawford. Today's St. Louis Post-Disptach throws out an interesting idea, and we repeat it here noting that former Rays farm director Cam Bonifay now works for the Cardinals and has been at the Trop often: "Tampa Bay has told clubs that it has no untouchable players, which would suggest lefthander Scott Kazmir is available. Kazmir, 23, long has been touted as a cornerstone for the Devil Rays' future and would command a package of players." That would have to be some package.

Still nothing new to report, three hours until the deadline, which is a 'soft' deadline. Officially teams are supposed to be done, but there's always the ol' "the phone lines were busy" excuse. We're expecting one if not more of Reyes, Gomes, and Orvella to go, but we'll see.

Less than two hours...nothing going on that we know of, but food for thought: This regime has done a great job as holding info inside the confines, everyone is talking Mariners, don't be shocked if that turns into the Braves or a team not mentioned by the deadline.

1:38 minutes...

One hour left folks, we still think something will happen....but it might not come out until after 4.

We've moved all the past stuff into the extended section of the post, saving space and making it easier to find the new info for these last 45 minutes...if we find out anything you guys will be the first to know.

Some talk about a three way deal involving Reyes is going on, not sure anything specific...

Heading down the final half hour, we're still checking sources for information on the prosposed three way deal, we'll let you guys know something when we find out

From a BP chat
"incent (Jersey City, NJ): Hey Jonah, how come Al Reyes hasn't been traded yet? Might he stay in TB? And if he gets traded is there ANY way he splits time closing, possibly to keep Putz fresh for the postseason?? Jonah Keri: (3:17 PM ET ) My guess: Rays haven't received a big enough offer yet. I guarantee you that their brain trust of Friedman, Silverman, Feinstein, Click and Bloom is holed up in a room somewhere weighing all offers and being aggressive, though. I love this team's future, both for the talent in the front office and the talent on the field."

Nothing yet...less than 30 minutes to go.

20 minutes, again whenever we hear something you'll know...

14 minutes...still no word on that 3WT mentioned on ESPN...they're still working the phones.

From Lancaster's blog:
CC back in lineup Posted July 31, 2007 by Marc Lancaster Updated Jul 31, 2007 at 03:50 PM No trade news yet, but Carl Crawford is back in the Rays’ lineup tonight on the heels of last night’s heroics.

Folks things are going to run over the deadline, that doesn't mean a trade is imminent, but DON'T think just because it's 4:00 PM EST that there isn't a trade about to be announced, remember Lugo watch?

Still nothing announced, not sure if it's going to stay this way or not just yet.