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One Day Left

Topkin: "The Devil Rays may not be done overhauling their bullpen. As they continued to pursue deals, including for another experienced reliever, before Tuesday's 4 p.m. nonwaiver trade deadline, there appears to be growing interest from other teams, led by the Mariners and Mets, in closer Al Reyes."

See the problem here is, the Friedman regime has yet to make a deal that was expected, we never figured the Astros would jump into the fray for Wigginton, so at this point I'm not even buying that either of those will get Al.

Also Keith Law thinks the Rays will shop Wheeler 'hard' for the next day and a half, seeing if a time will bite with a younger, cheaper player. I really hope this isn't the case, Wheeler could be a mainstay in the later innings for the next five plus years, he's got a proven track record, and he's got family here, not that the last bit matters in the least.

Seattle TimesHere's another name to keep in mind as Tuesday's trade deadline approaches: Tampa Bay closer Al Reyes. The Mariners have been monitoring the Devil Rays with two scouts this weekend, including Norm Charlton, their former closer who is doing special-assignment scouting for general manager Bill Bavasi."

Denver Post reports the Rocks are interested in Wheeler and Reyes.

Our expectations are the Rays will try and move Elijah Dukes as well, although there are no such rumors out there, could mean a deal is close, could mean nothing.

Other Rays we could see being moved: Josh Paul, Edwin Jackson, Casey Fossum, Chad Orvella, and Raul Casanova.