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11 Game Losing Streak...Sad...or Funny?

Certainly seeing '0-10' two straight days under the ol' 'L10' column of the standings is sad, but we're only seven games from second, that's pretty funny, not on pace to break 100 losses, that's good, and we all know we'll eventually snap out of this horrible recession, and hey if nothing else, get a laugh at this; Neifi Perez busted for stimulants, truly great.

James Shields faces Odalis Perez tonight, and honestly folks, if we don't win tonight, we may never, ever, ever win again...ever.

"It's definitely the icing on the cake. I think we just need to freakin' put our feelers out and find a frickin' way to win, whether it's a different lineup, different positions, a different rotation, something. It's time for all 25 guys to try to find a way."

-Jonny Gomes