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Three Days Off

We've (finally?) reached the All-Star Break, obviously some disappointing results over the past two weeks, but on the brightside at least we have B.J. Upton coming back, and we might see Jeff Niemann soon enough, plus the thought of that the Rays could go 1-9, and 1-12 and only be a handful of games from fourth is somewhat pleasing knowing that the Orioles are likely to sell at the deadline, where as if rumors hold true, the Rays could buy.

Some have called for Joe Maddon's head, I'm neutral, while I wouldn't mind seeing Bill Evers getting a half to attempt and fix things, I question how much even he could do with a pen that has simply no go to men, nobody who can shut down an opponent on a consistent basis. Juan Salas could return after the break, and Casey Fossum should hit the bricks, but even then I'm not sure how much better we are if Salas' performances were thanks to the Canseco juice, perhaps Seth McClung and Scott Dohmann (GASP) should get shots?

My advice to the fans? Don't get too down, it looks bad now, but honestly folks, you've suffered through a decade of this...why give up now? Personally I don't think Sternberg, Silverman, or Friedman are going to sit on their hands much longer.

Viva la Rayvolution.