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Run(s) Away

Everyone knows about runs created for hitters, but using The Hardball Times' stats database you can find out about runs created for pitchers, or runs saved rather. We won't go into detail on how you figure it out, partially because we have no clue, but you can read the introduction here, none the less we're pleased looking at the list.

The usual suspects are at the very top of the list; Erik Bedard, Dan Haren, Johan Santana, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and uh...Kelvim Escobar, had anyone realized how well his season has been? Ranking 12th and 14th are our very own Scott Kazmir and James Shields with 75 and 71 runs created, saved, and that's it for the Rays in the top 50. The next highest ranking Ray is Edwin Jackson with 31, he ranks in company with Jose Contreras and Julian Tavarez. Andrew Sonnanstine has 22 and is near Scott Proctor and potentially the worst starting pitcher in America (minus Kip Wells) in Mike Maroth.  

Gary Glover and Al Reyes have 18, Fossum 15, Stokes 11, Hammel, Salas, Howell, and Camp with 10,  Seo with 8, Dohmann with 6, Ryu and Balfour with 5 and so on. Of course relief pitchers are at a disadvantage with less innings than most starters.

Say, wouldn't Paul Byrd's 48 PRC look swell in that rotation with Jackson and Niemann slotted behind him?