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If Nobody Sees The Game, Do They Still Play It? (W/Hammel Edit)

Thanks to the exclusive Sunday Night contract deal pulled by ESPN / MLB we won't be seeing the Rays series finale against the Texas Rangers, but a few thoughts to pass along until I crank up the Gameday will watching /listening to the San Diego Chargers / Seattle Seahawks pre-season game on NBC.

  • Why in the world would you have a getaway day game at 8:35 EST when one of the teams have to travel to Boston and play the next night?
  • Something tells me you wouldn't want to tell your kids the story about Babe Ruth and his uh...other'bat'
  • Dewon Brazelton and Victor Zambrano on the same AAA team? Yep.

Update [2007-8-12 21:55:54 by Jacob Larsen]:I'm sorry, but after we take out an opposing team's starter(though, it was clearly his fault) and we're still being's evident that Hammel is no more than a (earmuffs, kids) Punk-bidge*(ok, I edited myself enough). I'm sick and tired of seeing our pitchers believing that their stuff is so deceiving that hitters are going to swing at pitches way out of the zone every time. Ok, it makes sense to do that against one hitter but after you walk a hitter and notice that you're not getting great ball/strike calls by the umps...CUT THAT OUT! Hammel, you have the great curveball, but it's not that friggin' great. I wish it was Red Foreman night at Arlington, seeing as I'd love to see someone put a foot up your ass